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Judy L. Hatlen

Driving through the country or walking in the woods, I often marvel at all the peace and beauty that still exists even though the turmoil around us, that we hear about in the news just never lets up. The complexity in a wildflower, the calm in a country scene, wildlife, all of it inspires me. Come with me on my journey, away from politics, infighting, accusations, violence, greed, oppression. Just for while. Just to know that in some places, things are different. Just to renew your spirit.

Hello, my name is Judy Hatlen.

Since I was three years old, I have always been happiest drawing or painting. My mom gave me my start in drawing people by showing me how to draw stick figures. From there, I started drawing them in various positions, filled them out so they weren't stick figures anymore, added clothes and facial expressions, and used them to illustrate ideas, etc. I drew pictures of anything that interested me. Whenever I wanted to express an idea, I drew a picture. So it was always assumed that I would be an artist when I grew up.


The things that most inspire me are nature, wildlife, country scenes, antique farm equipment, and things like that. I love the complexity of color, texture, light and shadow and can spend hours absorbed in it.


My Media

For some of my paintings, I start the underpainting with acrylic paint and finish with oil paint mixed with alkyd medium. For others, I've painted entirely with acrylic.


Some of my pictures start out with detailed pencil drawings. I import them into a photo editing program, and layer them over a digital photo of the sky, particularly at sunset or sunrise. I like the contrast between the two mediums.


In my gallery of strictly pencil drawings, I've posted some drawings of people and pets. The ones on the website are just for examples, because I accept commissions for portraits of people and pets.


How to Order

The pictures in the Wildflower, Nature Gallery, and the Wildlife and Rural Gallery are available as various sizes of prints, and can be ordered online by going to